Our Offering

She Marine Construction Supply

We supply pipe, valves, fittings, rebar, electrical, and more.

We support clients nationwide and across multiple markets: {Government (state and federal), commercial, private  construction, utilities & public works}.

Capabilities & Line Card

Current Projects

CA High Speed Rail, Construction Package 2-3, Selma

CA High Speed Rail, Construction Package 4, Wasco

LAX Modernization, Los Angeles

Inglewood Stadium, Inglewood

Lake Isabella Dam / Spillway Repair, Lake Isabella


Teaming & Our Teammates

NAICS & Certifications

SMCS is a reliable diversity teammate.  We are fully certified business in both the federal and State of California.

NAICS, Certifications & License

The She Marine Dream

She Marine Construction Supply (SMCS) was created as a platform to continue serving others.  We are motivated by potential and opportunity.  Small Business ownership is an ideal environment to build something that inspires at the soul level. At the same time we have the freedom to decide what’s important to us and to apply our talents in ways that explore our potential and provides for our families.  Lastly, small business is like a playground for the imagination.  Everyday my team brings new, sometimes zany, sometimes practical and always interesting ideas to consider and pursue.



Please contact us to discuss teaming opportunities.